Our New Playroom

Our new playroom has been finished for a couple weeks and we LOVE the space.  It turned out so perfect; my heart smiles when I'm in the room.  I used a turquoise, red and yellow color scheme and bought most of the furniture at IKEA.  

Our old playroom was upstairs which was really great for awhile but now that Mia is getting old enough to be downstairs by herself, we decided to create a new playroom in the basement.  We are quite lucky to have a huge room in the basement that gets great natural light and has a bathroom attached.  It is the perfect spot for a playroom (and I no longer have toys everywhere on the main level).  
Old Playroom:


New Playroom:

Toy storage/organization is really important to me so I decided to use the Expedit shelving from IKEA and bins from IKEA.  The bins fit perfectly and are HUGE.  They hold a lot of toys, which is great. I created labels for the bins, laminated them and stuck them on using Velcro strips.  I just searched the web for pictures of the toys so we would know exactly what belongs in each bin.  This makes clean-up so much easier!

We made a Duplo table out of an IKEA Lack coffee table (we just left off the bottom piece).  

I left this side of the room open for dramatic play.  The awning is from IKEA. We still want to put a mailbox over here somewhere but haven't done that yet.

Reading and book accessibility is always a big priority to me.  Here is our cozy reading area. The shelves are from IKEA and the rug is from Target.

Dress-up area.

Our art/school area.  I am still planning on painting the table red, but keep forgetting to buy spray paint.

My work space/ art work display.

Want to come over and play?

And, this is what it looks like after some playtime. ; )


  1. Oh Kellie-
    What an adorable playroom! It looks so cute and fun! Such a blessing to have that space. My living room looks like a toy-splosion daily due to lack of "hiding space." LOL.
    Miss you guys- CANNOT believe how big Naomi is. What a doll!

  2. Hi! I came upon your blog through pinterest because I'm trying to decorate our new playroom. Where did you find the colorful elephant and giraffe prints? Those would be perfect!!

  3. The elephant and giraffe prints are from Ikea. They were part of a 5 pack of prints but I just checked the site and couldn't find them. : ( They had some other designs but not those exact ones. Have fun decorating your playroom!!


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